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Beyond Staffing, Building Legacies: Transforming Hospitality Dreams into Reality.

Welcome to FutureForce Hospitality Services by Mr. HImanshu Hemant Kale, where passion meets proficiency in the realm of hospitality consultancy. From project inception to post-opening triumphs, we orchestrate every detail, ensuring your venture stands as a beacon of excellence.


  • Leadership Excellence: Led by industry expert Mr. Himanshu Kale, FutureForce Hospitality Services is a pioneering venture at the forefront of revolutionizing staffing solutions in the dynamic hospitality sector.
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition: Our core expertise lies in identifying, recruiting, and placing top-tier talent that seamlessly aligns with the specific needs of our clients, bringing a fresh and strategic approach to hospitality staffing.
  • Innovative Partner: FutureForce is committed to excellence and dedicated to shaping the future of hospitality staffing. Explore our comprehensive brochure to discover how we can be your strategic ally in staffing success.

Project Start-Up & Conceptualization

  • Prioritize Workforce Recruitment, Pre-Training & On-Job Training, Retention, and Upskilling.
  • Feasibility Analysis, Market Research, and Regulatory Compliance Check.
  • Budget Planning, Conceptual Design Support, and Hotel Operator Search.

Technical Services & Facility Planning

  • Construction and Design Mastery.
  • Infrastructure Prowess & PMC Services.
  • Technical Areas Redefined and Culinary Experience Design.

Pre-Opening Services

  • Hotel Operations & Management Excellence.
  • Food & Beverage Brilliance.
  • Strategic Marketing Magic.
  • Final Touch-Up for Perfection.

Post-Opening Services

  • Optimize Workflow to Increase Sales and Profit.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Assistance.
  • Value Additions: Performance Enhancement & Audits.

Expertise in Hotel Operations

  • Strategic Operational Consulting.
  • Customized Solutions for Success.
  • Implementation Assistance at the Property Level.

Implementation Assistance

  • Hands-On Support for Seamless Transition.
  • Adaptability for Unique Projects.


  • Holistic Hospitality Expertise
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Venture
  • Value Addition Beyond Expectations

What we do

At FutureForce Hospitality Services, we don't just consult; we actively contribute to the realization of your hospitality vision. Let's elevate your venture to unparalleled success together.

Innovative Technical Solutions

  • Pioneer technical solutions that elevate projects from the blueprint stage to an architectural masterpiece.
  • FutureForce excels in designing cutting-edge infrastructure, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Strategic Pre-Opening Brilliance

  • Creation of a strategic roadmap for pre-opening services, including workforce recruitment, food & beverage brilliance, and strategic marketing magic.
  • Anticipate and navigate the challenges of pre-opening with precision.

Post-Opening Triumphs

  • Do everyting possible ro drive sustained success with a focus on increasing profit and sales.
  • FutureForce's expertise lies in providing value additions through continuous performance enhancement and thorough audits.

Operational Symphony

  • Craft operational excellence through strategic consulting tailored to unique project requirements.
  • Our consultants specialize in understanding market dynamics, ensuring your hotel operations align with the highest standards.

Implementation Prowess

  • Hands-on implementation assistance that turns vision into reality.
  • FutureForce excels at actively participating in the implementation phase, ensuring a seamless transition and adaptability to project-specific nuances.

Seamless Technology Integration

  • We excel in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into hospitality operations. From smart room systems to innovative guest experiences, we leverage technology to enhance efficiency, elevate guest satisfaction, and stay ahead of industry trends.

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We specialize in recruiting manpower for the Hospitality industry, offering expertise in training and fully managed turn-key solutions. Additionally, with secured investment and a strong intent, we have the capability to construct hotels using investor funds, starting from the ground up.